Yankee Yesteryear Car Club

Brooklyn Fairgrounds, Brooklyn CT

9 September 2012

Slide Show HERE

I attended a "how to make better videos" workshop in the morning and scooted up to the fair grounds after that was over.  Nice to attend an event that was only about 25 miles from home!

I didn't intend to do a complete recording of the auto show, rather it was a hit and run sort of visit.  Still I got a number of photos of very nice old cars.

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If you see your exhibit or machine and would care to drop me a line or two, or even a paragraph, about it I will be delighted to add your comments to this page.  Please send to webmaster@neme-s.org   To identify a photo just hover your cursor over the photo and a tag should pop up.  Please use the last three digits of the tag to identify the photo. For  example if the tag came up  DSC03974.jpg (205067 bytes) the info I would need is 976.jpg. If this is a multi page unit the page number would also be useful.

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