Amherst Model Train Show

Eastern States Exposition Grounds, Springfield MA

30 January 2011

While I am not a model train enthusiast (HO, O gage, G gage etc.) I go to this show every couple of years to what there is to see.  Last time, 2009, I started taking photos of booth signs with the thought that maybe someone would see an outlet for model train supplies they were not aware of.

Also I enjoy seeing the folks from Pioneer Valley Live Steamers.  The show sort of gives me hope that spring is on the way and  the live steamers will be running.  I managed to spend a few dollars for a small tool or two and got Roy Bear a new train themed T shirt.  (Roy Bear photo)

If you find your way to this page from a message I will put up on a train board that Google found for me I invite you to visit our club's web site which may be found at the link at the bottom of this page.  I welcome your suggestions for my next visit to this show.  If there is something you want to see or something that would be helpful to you please feel free to contact me,

DSC08753.JPG (185148 bytes)  1:1 scale 

DSC08754.JPG (166855 bytes)  Just for fun I took this photo of the crowd surging through the doors at the 10:00AM opening bell.

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