Amherst Train Show

West Springfield, MA

25 January 2009

I took a run up to West Springfield today to visit the big train show.  Since the last time I was there it has grown like mushrooms on a damp summer night.  The show now uses FOUR building of the Eastern States Exhibition grounds.  Who knew that there was so much interest in model trains. 

As I walked around the show I took photos mostly of the signs at various booths.  My thinking was that folks who did not attend the show might find a resource that would be of value to them that they were not previously aware of.  Maybe it was a good idea, maybe not.  But it did seem like a good idea at the time.  


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Our friends at PVLS had an active display and there seemed to be a lot of interest from show visitors.  I am wondering if NEMES should also display at the show in the interest of corralling some new members.

DSC05504.jpg (121396 bytes)  The Mohegan Pequot club is local to my home in Preston, CT.   

DSC05505.jpg (92349 bytes)  DSC05506.jpg (151127 bytes)  DSC05507.jpg (123353 bytes)  DSC05508.jpg (117314 bytes)  DSC05509.jpg (128924 bytes)  DSC05510.jpg (125413 bytes)  DSC05511.jpg (149893 bytes)  DSC05512.jpg (94168 bytes)  DSC05513.jpg (127733 bytes)  DSC05514.jpg (124830 bytes)  DSC05515.jpg (124457 bytes)  DSC05516.jpg (87472 bytes)  DSC05517.jpg (154572 bytes)  I was very glad to be able to chat with this fellow.  Proves that I am not the only one who travels with stuffed animals. Roy and Eddie did not go to this train show with me and I was somewhat poor (wrong side of payday) so I was able to resist buying the Roy Bear any new T shirts with train logos on them.  Just as well as the darn bear probably owns more T shirts than I do.

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