ATCA CT Yankee Chapter Show

Bethlehem, CT

9 June 2012

Photo Slide Show HERE

Not such a great day for the Antique Truck Club of America Yankee chapter show today.  But unlike the classic car folks who run and hide at the first hint of rain (can't really blame them I guess) the truck guys forged ahead and held a very nice show. It was the first time I have been to Bethlehem CT and it is a lovely town in the western part of the state.

Very friendly folks at the show and we had a fine time!

DSC04863.jpg (240891 bytes)  DSC04864.jpg (196308 bytes)  DSC04866.jpg (235967 bytes)  DSC04867.jpg (252065 bytes)  The blue Crosley is not the same one I saw last week at the national show in Springfield MA.

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DSC04872.jpg (267774 bytes)  Who doesn't like a Cletrac crawler?

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