American Precision Museum Show

Windsor, VT

29 October 2011

Slide Show HERE and video here >>

Well, the 2011 rendition of the A.P.M. Model Engineering Show has come and gone and another year of model engineering show, train meets and assorted gatherings has pretty much come to an end.  Only the Straw Hollow get together in December remains before the Waushakum New Years Day Steam Up starts a new year.

The A.P.M. show is one of the smaller gatherings in the show calendar but worth the trip to Vermont.  This year we were rewarded with inches of new  snow on the ground, an unusual event for October, but not unheard of.  The show is an opportunity to visit with folks who may not be regulars at shows further south and to renew friendships and make new ones with other members of the model engineering fraternity.

I try to get photos associated with correct information about the builder but know that I don't always succeed.  If you see a photo that is mis-identified please hover your pointer over the photos and a number should pop up, for example, DSC01582.jpg, If you will send that number along with the correct info about the builder or exhibitor I will be glad to update the page with the correct information.

DSC01582.jpg (168340 bytes) Norm Jones and Terri Groff chat before Terri blasted off on a shopping excursion with Romayne Bono

DSC01584.jpg (216600 bytes) Dave Bono (L) chats with two show visitors about his scratch built reproduction of an 1890's row boat motor

DSC01585.jpg (178676 bytes)  DSC01586.jpg (150013 bytes)  Norm Jones' Mery engine (L) and a 1/8 scale Ryder Erricson in the right hand photo  

DSC01587.jpg (306081 bytes)  DSC01588.jpg (213826 bytes) DSC01589.jpg (141901 bytes)  A display of Rich Hubbard's work 

DSC01590.jpg (191064 bytes) DSC01591.jpg (190537 bytes)  Ron Ginger (R) chats with a visitor.

Ernie Smiths nifty engines

DSC01593.jpg (195458 bytes)  DSC01594.jpg (204379 bytes)  DSC01595.jpg (150194 bytes)  DSC01596.jpg (151099 bytes)  DSC01597.jpg (180634 bytes)  DSC01612.jpg (219536 bytes)  DSC01612.jpg (219536 bytes)  DSC01613.jpg (183746 bytes)  DSC01614.jpg (194629 bytes) 

DSC01615.jpg (194094 bytes)  DSC01616.jpg (159394 bytes)  Russ Steeves explains his 10 gage brass cannon to show visitors

DSC01599.jpg (181746 bytes)  DSC01600.jpg (204283 bytes)  The fellow on the left (blue shirt) is the builder of this beautiful Tandem Snow engine   

DSC01601.jpg (184191 bytes)  DSC01602.jpg (176626 bytes)  DSC01603.jpg (220455 bytes)  DSC01604.jpg (206813 bytes)  DSC01605.jpg (74758 bytes) 

DSC01606.jpg (212761 bytes)  DSC01607.jpg (204680 bytes)  DSC01608.jpg (78967 bytes)  DSC01609.jpg (226712 bytes)  DSC01610.jpg (276021 bytes) 

DSC01617.jpg (245014 bytes)  DSC01646.jpg (203364 bytes)  This year there was a grand display of hot air fans DSC01620.jpg (170101 bytes)  DSC01647.jpg (165514 bytes)  Rich Puleo is assembling his BIG fan

DSC01618.jpg (196546 bytes)  DSC01619.jpg (185122 bytes)  DSC01621.jpg (181612 bytes)  DSC01622.jpg (182468 bytes)  DSC01623.jpg (196926 bytes)  DSC01624.jpg (190651 bytes)  DSC01625.jpg (171107 bytes)  DSC01626.jpg (221570 bytes)  DSC01627.jpg (150006 bytes)  DSC01628.jpg (225185 bytes)  DSC01629.jpg (197632 bytes)  DSC01630.jpg (169930 bytes)  DSC01631.jpg (195357 bytes)  DSC01633.jpg (196390 bytes)  DSC01634.jpg (174920 bytes)  DSC01635.jpg (206264 bytes)  DSC01636.jpg (174144 bytes)  DSC01637.jpg (116389 bytes)  DSC01638.jpg (154696 bytes)  DSC01639.jpg (142437 bytes)  DSC01641.jpg (149433 bytes)  DSC01642.jpg (127293 bytes)  DSC01643.jpg (171756 bytes)  DSC01644.jpg (140100 bytes)  DSC01645.jpg (182097 bytes) 

DSC01648.jpg (204134 bytes)  This is the building the show is held in.  DSC01649.jpg (260088 bytes) A view of the river side of the APM building 

DSC01650.jpg (388290 bytes)  No idea what this large ring is for but it was leaning against the rear of the building.

The following photos show various display machines in the museum

DSC01651.jpg (206336 bytes)  DSC01652.jpg (184382 bytes)  DSC01653.jpg (223452 bytes)  DSC01654.jpg (257423 bytes)  DSC01655.jpg (187993 bytes)  DSC01656.jpg (161565 bytes)  DSC01658.jpg (135706 bytes)       

DSC01660.jpg (118084 bytes)  DSC01659.jpg (145731 bytes)  DSC01661.jpg (188573 bytes)  DSC01662.jpg (140550 bytes)  DSC01663.jpg (165427 bytes)  DSC01664.jpg (125316 bytes)  DSC01665.jpg (139363 bytes)   

DSC01667.jpg (126374 bytes)  DSC01666.jpg (169471 bytes)  DSC01668.jpg (124130 bytes)  DSC01669.jpg (183575 bytes)  <<Vertical Shaper or sometimes called Vertical Slotter DSC01670.jpg (163696 bytes)  DSC01671.jpg (187777 bytes)  DSC01674.jpg (147136 bytes)  << Jones and Lamson Optical Comparator DSC01672.jpg (123968 bytes)  DSC01673.jpg (174543 bytes)  DSC01675.jpg (158078 bytes) 

DSC01682.jpg (157250 bytes)  DSC01676.jpg (236796 bytes)  DSC01677.jpg (174203 bytes)  DSC01678.jpg (182637 bytes)  DSC01679.jpg (223922 bytes)  DSC01681.jpg (200783 bytes) 

DSC01683.jpg (113725 bytes)  DSC01684.jpg (162833 bytes)  DSC01685.jpg (151254 bytes)  DSC01686.jpg (181651 bytes)  DSC01687.jpg (191368 bytes)  DSC01687.jpg (191368 bytes)  DSC01688.jpg (129159 bytes) 

DSC01689.jpg (110422 bytes)  DSC01690.jpg (237474 bytes)  DSC01692.jpg (146454 bytes)  DSC01691.jpg (188644 bytes)  DSC01693.jpg (177973 bytes)  DSC01694.jpg (164134 bytes)  DSC01695.jpg (143296 bytes) 

DSC01696.jpg (199858 bytes)  A more modern Gleason Vertical Gear Shaper DSC01698.jpg (176366 bytes)   DSC01702.jpg (289316 bytes)  DSC01703.jpg (301298 bytes)  DSC01705.jpg (237600 bytes) 

DSC01707.jpg (366549 bytes)  DSC01706.jpg (328300 bytes)  DSC01708.jpg (211168 bytes)  These houses caught my eye on the walk back from the museum.  The far left photos show a full metal roof, the better to shed the snow that Vermont is famous for.  The second and third photos are examples of the practice of using sheet metal along the eves to prevent ice dams and the resultant back up of water into the roof sturcture.

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