American Precision Museum Model Engineering Show

30 October 2009

Once again was well represented at the APM annual show of mode engineering.  We (Terri, Roy, Eddie and I) went up on Friday and set up my display and then toured about the show looking at other exhibits while more setting up was taking place.  Other NEMES members arrived throughout the afternoon and added their displays to the show.  

As usual any comments, corrections or additions are most welcome.  If you can add a name or identification to any model that will be great.  Also, video clips will be coming along shortly so check back please.

Video clip here:  Links to YouTube

DSC07330.jpg (106169 bytes)  DSC07424.jpg (128552 bytes)  Fred Smith of IMService

DSC07331.jpg (158590 bytes) Very nice looking fixture plate.  

DSC07425.jpg (152119 bytes)  Traveling companions Roy Bear and Eddie Moose

DSC07332.jpg (151700 bytes)  Your humble webmaster setting up my display.  I sent my wife off with the camera while I was doing this and she took quite a number of the photos on this page.  Thanks Terri!

DSC07333.jpg (136958 bytes)  DSC07335.jpg (127207 bytes)  DSC07337.jpg (122581 bytes)  DSC07338.jpg (127477 bytes)  DSC07339.jpg (135811 bytes)  DSC07341.jpg (132597 bytes)  DSC07342.jpg (115977 bytes)  DSC07343.jpg (134753 bytes)  DSC07345.jpg (130225 bytes)  DSC07346.jpg (103923 bytes)  DSC07347.jpg (124113 bytes)  DSC07348.jpg (113789 bytes)  DSC07349.jpg (176508 bytes)  DSC07350.jpg (188497 bytes)  DSC07354.jpg (103263 bytes)  DSC07355.jpg (126880 bytes)  DSC07355.jpg (126880 bytes)  DSC07356.jpg (121607 bytes)  DSC07357.jpg (123984 bytes) DSC07358.jpg (108947 bytes)  DSC07360.jpg (243541 bytes)  DSC07361.jpg (123093 bytes)  DSC07362.jpg (136795 bytes)  DSC07363.jpg (146271 bytes)  DSC07364.jpg (249501 bytes)  

DSC07365.jpg (93719 bytes)  DSC07366.jpg (95841 bytes)  DSC07367.jpg (131421 bytes)  DSC07368.jpg (91003 bytes)  DSC07369.jpg (115751 bytes)  DSC07370.jpg (113741 bytes)  DSC07371.jpg (138502 bytes)  DSC07372.jpg (136717 bytes)  DSC07373.jpg (113175 bytes)  DSC07374.jpg (163355 bytes)  DSC07375.jpg (140845 bytes)   DSC07376.jpg (129632 bytes)  DSC07377.jpg (118628 bytes)  DSC07378.jpg (135729 bytes)  DSC07380.jpg (115425 bytes)  DSC07382.jpg (134106 bytes)  DSC07383.jpg (155925 bytes)  DSC07384.jpg (157149 bytes)  DSC07385.jpg (137072 bytes)  DSC07388.jpg (124739 bytes)  DSC07389.jpg (125058 bytes)  Honking big C clamp

DSC07387.jpg (117503 bytes)  DSC07386.jpg (132202 bytes)  Rich and Laurie Sabol

DSC07390.jpg (132276 bytes)  DSC07391.jpg (164715 bytes)  DSC07392.jpg (144675 bytes)  A variety of used tooling was offered for sale

DSC07393.jpg (155829 bytes)  DSC07394.jpg (126101 bytes)  NEMES member Ernie Smith setting up   

DSC07395.jpg (127228 bytes)  DSC07396.jpg (139393 bytes)  DSC07397.jpg (109189 bytes)  DSC07398.jpg (119721 bytes)  DSC07399.jpg (148111 bytes)  DSC07400.jpg (196428 bytes)  DSC07401.jpg (134378 bytes)  DSC07402.jpg (125205 bytes)  DSC07403.jpg (112224 bytes)  DSC07404.jpg (118956 bytes)  DSC07405.jpg (112834 bytes)  DSC07406.jpg (117264 bytes)  DSC07407.jpg (143170 bytes)  DSC07408.jpg (133981 bytes)  DSC07412.jpg (143896 bytes)  DSC07413.jpg (112120 bytes)  DSC07414.jpg (171634 bytes)  DSC07415.jpg (201507 bytes)  DSC07416.jpg (136155 bytes)  DSC07417.jpg (145131 bytes)  DSC07418.jpg (142309 bytes)  DSC07419.jpg (120038 bytes)  DSC07420.jpg (115400 bytes)  DSC07421.jpg (220831 bytes)  DSC07422.jpg (111718 bytes)  DSC07423.jpg (106315 bytes)  Norm Jones lugging in some of his equipment

DSC07427.jpg (131598 bytes)  Roy and Eddie (L) and Ron Ginger (R)

DSC07428.jpg (82624 bytes)  

DSC07429.jpg (153737 bytes)  Dave Bono showing his outboard motor which he is re-creating from scratch based on two photos in an early 1900's magazine.  

DSC07430.jpg (142697 bytes)  DSC07431.jpg (133689 bytes)  DSC07432.jpg (130674 bytes)  DSC07433.jpg (101118 bytes)  

DSC07435.jpg (116552 bytes)  DSC07436.jpg (180318 bytes)  Doug Shaw of VT had some of his work on display.  Doug custom builds movie (film) cameras for a variety of clients.

DSC07437.jpg (119036 bytes) NEMES member Rich Puleo showed off this laminar flow engine

DSC07439.jpg (102572 bytes)  DSC07440.jpg (102478 bytes)  DSC07441.jpg (233738 bytes)  DSC07442.jpg (179280 bytes)  DSC07443.jpg (123289 bytes)  DSC07444.jpg (122798 bytes)  DSC07445.jpg (148969 bytes)  DSC07446.jpg (101606 bytes)  This trailer rig was put together by an instructor at a technical school to too far from the APM with grants, donations and personal effort.  He travels to local (and not so local) middle schools to let young students wee what possibilities there are in manufacturing.  

DSC07449.jpg (97983 bytes)  We had dinner Saturday night with Dave and Romayne Bono in the Station House Restraint in Windsor.  The decor theme is railway and this interesting light once graced a passenger car.

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