American Precision Museum

Windsor, VT

Norm Jones sent photos which have been added on a separate page HERE

Another show has come and gone at the APM.  The show this year seemed a bit smaller than in years past but a fine time was had by all who attended it seemed to me.  Yes, Windsor VT is a bit out of the way but I would encourage anyone to attend this show next year and to also spend some time at the museum, one of the finest in the world devoted to machinery and manufacturing.

One of our new roll up signs. 

DSC05148.jpg (124487 bytes)  Some of Ron Ginger's fine work

DSC05149.jpg (101368 bytes) L to R are Russ Steeves and Rich Puleo

DSC05150.jpg (118948 bytes)  Russ Steeves Ryder Ericcson engine ran quietly all day

DSC05181.jpg (150810 bytes) Norm Jones demonstrates a model feature for show visitors

DSC05151.jpg (100643 bytes)  DSC05152.jpg (154864 bytes)  DSC05153.jpg (100958 bytes)  DSC05154.jpg (94664 bytes)  DSC05155.jpg (92691 bytes)  DSC05156.jpg (108105 bytes)  DSC05157.jpg (121513 bytes)  DSC05158.jpg (136328 bytes)  DSC05159.jpg (121748 bytes)  DSC05160.jpg (97771 bytes)  DSC05161.jpg (118198 bytes) 

Ernest Smith models (above)

DSC05162.jpg (117256 bytes)  DSC05163.jpg (92090 bytes)  DSC05164.jpg (91746 bytes)  Rich Hubbard's models

DSC05165.jpg (119473 bytes) DSC05166.jpg (99099 bytes) L to R Russ Steeves, Rich Puleo and Rollie Gaucher discuss Rollie's latest model a scale Bessemer engine

DSC05167.jpg (147847 bytes)  Lovely hand operated planer

DSC05168.jpg (103354 bytes)  DSC05169.jpg (141665 bytes)  DSC05170.jpg (106864 bytes)  DSC05171.jpg (121313 bytes) 

DSC05172.jpg (153256 bytes)  DSC05173.jpg (117121 bytes)  DSC05174.jpg (79559 bytes)  DSC05175.jpg (73788 bytes)  Rich Puloe models

DSC05176.jpg (100249 bytes) 

DSC05177.jpg (92672 bytes)  L to R are Norm Jones, Ron Ginger and Gary Schonley of Cabin Fever fame.

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One of my students is building this engine so these photos are here so I can show him this part.

DSC05178.jpg (106028 bytes)  DSC05179.jpg (113654 bytes)  DSC05180.jpg (76761 bytes)