American Precision Museum Show 2007

27 October 2007

This years show was held on a rainy day in late October.  The event coincides with the closing of the APM for the year and while I don't know what the attendance was compared to other years the hall seemed busy for most of the day.

Here are the photos and video from the show.  As always of anyone has photos they would like to contribute please forward them to me and I will add them to the page.

DSC02892.jpg (143005 bytes)  Dave Bono chats with a visitor.  The model directly in front of Dave is his model of the cider press located at Clyde's Cider Mill in Old Mystic CT.  This link will take you to photos of Clyde's that I took last fall.

DSC02893.jpg (111318 bytes) DSC02900.jpg (94604 bytes)  DSC02901.jpg (96035 bytes)  Ernest Smith   

  Rich Hubbard's HasBrouck #8 engine

Rifling Machine Demo

  Some models and a show overview

DSC02894.jpg (102088 bytes)  Norm Jones chats with show visitors

DSC02895.jpg (210590 bytes)  DSC02896.jpg (95911 bytes)  In one corner a fellow was demonstrating old timey chair making.

DSC02897.jpg (111356 bytes)

DSC02898.jpg (110203 bytes)  DSC02899.jpg (102929 bytes) 

DSC02903.jpg (97747 bytes) Harvey Noel, Rollie Gaucher and Ron Ginger

DSC02904.jpg (114872 bytes)  DSC02906.jpg (138069 bytes) 

DSC02908.jpg (101432 bytes)  DSC02909.jpg (285315 bytes) 

DSC02910.jpg (113322 bytes) Todd Cahill chats with show visitor

DSC02911.jpg (111004 bytes) Pattern board for casting

DSC02912.jpg (115573 bytes) DSC02913.jpg (134481 bytes)

DSC02914.jpg (780362 bytes)  DSC02915.jpg (135473 bytes)  DSC02916.jpg (148987 bytes)  DSC02917.jpg (117622 bytes)  DSC02918.jpg (89610 bytes)

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