Adirondack Live Steamers Spring Meet 

9 June 2007

At 7:00 AM we set out from Preston, CT to visit the Adirondack Live Steamers in upstate New York.  It was an easy drive for us.  Up I91 to the Mass Pike, west on I90 to I87 near Albany and then up I87 to Saratoga.  We drove through some heavy downpour and almost abandoned the trip but we pushed on and broke into nicer weather after a bit.  ALS is another group that for reasons of security keeps a low profile, including not publishing their physical location, on their web site .  Unfortunately the club had a recent accident on the property and their insurance coverage was withdrawn by the insurance company.  Typical of insurance companies, they want the premiums on time but if they have to pay out a claim they dump you like a hot rock.  A new insurance carrier was located but with significant restrictions.  The web site (as of this writing) states that only members of ALS may operate or ride on their tracks, non member visitors may observe only.  However when we arrived at the club's site we were told that when the actual new policy was received on June 7th (two days before the event was to be held) it was discovered that the policy stated that ONLY members of ALS were permitted on the property if the insurance was to be in force.  We were, with sincere apologies, given the choice of becoming associate members ($40.00 per year) or turning around and heading back home.  Well, after three hours driving the choice was made to pay for the associate membership so that we could enjoy the event.  

Just before we arrived and learned of the change in policy another visitor who had driven up from New Jersey chose to simply turn around and go away disappointed.  I seems to me that after driving that distance in a pick up truck, using who knows how many $$$$s worth of gas, it would make sense to pay the $40.00 and spend the day.  But everyone has different views on such things I guess.  

After the initial difficulty we were greeted warmly and invited to enjoy the grounds and the day.  ALS was founded in 1984 and today holds about 39 acres of land.  The layout is impressive with room to grow in years to come.

As always, any comments or additions are welcome.  Especially welcome is help n identifying the folks in photos or videos, who owns what piece of equipment etc.

 Enough chit chat.  On to the photos  


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