Progress report on my HasBrouck #8 engine

DSC06548.jpg (114667 bytes)  DSC06549.jpg (118487 bytes)  DSC06556.jpg (116300 bytes) Various parts awaiting assembly  The things that look like brass aspirin go under the set screws on the eccentrics to protect the crank shaft.

DSC06550.jpg (100729 bytes)  DSC06551.jpg (123672 bytes)  DSC06552.jpg (123348 bytes)  DSC06553.jpg (115391 bytes)  Front, back and top views of the engine

DSC06557.jpg (95662 bytes)  Eccentrics.  The bearings are aircraft style and cost about $220 for the two.  Ray HasBrouck said that I could have done a redesign to use less costly bearings but I already had these two so it did not seem worth the bother.

DSC06558.jpg (129967 bytes)  The plate on the left is a fixture used to hold the condensate valves for soldering

DSC06568.jpg (85964 bytes)  End on view of the piston rods and cross heads.  Left one is turned to fit the cross head guide and the right one is not yet turned.

DSC06570.jpg (121954 bytes)  The crank turns smoothly by hand and the piston rods go up and down.  Progress!!

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