Rollie's Open House 2016

Spencer MA    2 October 2016

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It has been so long since I have assembled a web page that this has been a real battle with four different software programs and the difficulty of typing with one hand.  But progress has been made and this page is published.

I don't have words to express how great this day was.  After six months away from my friends to see so many of them was wonderful. As my recovery from the stroke continues I am sure that I will be seeing a lot more of them!

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This is Rollie's cat Hobo.  Let me tell you, when this cat bumps you against you know you have been bumped.

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We saw these tracked trucks on RT 49 down the road from the open shop so we stopped to take some photos.


All photos on this page taken by Terri Groff, my wife and wonderful companion.


If you see your exhibit or machine and would care to drop me a line or two, or even a paragraph, about it I will be delighted to add your comments to this page.  Please send to   To identify a photo just hover your cursor over the photo and a tag should pop up.  Please use the last three digits of the tag to identify the photo. For  example if the tag came up  DSC03974.jpg (205067 bytes) the info I would need is 974.jpg. If this is a multi page unit the page number would also be useful.

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