Pratt Institute in Brooklyn NY

18 February 2016

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Two of the five or so kitties that call the Power House home.  Take a look at the awesome radiator in the lobby of the building.

History of the Engine Room



Charles Pratt founds the school. The Engine Room, located in the same area as at present, contains two steam engines belt driving three generators for both incandescent and arc lighting. A third engine supplies power for the machine shops by means of belts and overhead shafting driven by a flat belt from the engine flywheel. Steam at 100 pounds of pressure is supplied by two 110 H.P. water tube boilers, originally
hand fired, burning coal but converted to oil in 1888.


The turbine generator, in need of major repairs, is retired and
three war surplus diesel generators are added to the plant; two
60 K.W. and one 100 K.W. The two 1941 boilers are converted to burn fuel oil.



Three water tube boilers replace the 1887 one. These revert to coal as fuel.


The last coal burning boiler, disused for some years, is replaced with an automated oil burning unit. The 1912 boiler room steam powered auxiliary equipment is all replaced.



New buildings and their increased electrical load indicate
the need for more generating capacity. The original engines
are removed and three 75 K.W. generators driven by one Cylinder steam engines are installed.


Mass conversion of buildings to utility power removes about
two-thirds of the campus from the generating plant.



More buildings, more load. A 100 K.W. turbine driven generating unit is installed. The Chief Engineer's office is moved from the West End of the Engine Room to the East End.


A gradual "restoration" program on the part of operating personnel begins which has greatly improved the appearance of the plant, similar to what it was in years past.



The three 1896 boilers plus one new one are installed in a new
boiler room located under the East Building courtyard. The old
boiler room becomes the coal bunker and the octagon shaped
top half of the smokestack (from the white capstones up) is
replaced with present circular and higher stack.


The last major building complex is converted to utility power.
Two elevators and some assorted lighting including the power
plant remains on D.C. The Power Plant is declared a National
Historic Engineering Landmark by the American Society of
Mechanical Engineers.



With completion of the Engineering Building, the switchboard is expanded to its present size.


At some point during this decade, the three machines pass
the Million-Hour Mark for total running time.



The three hand fired 1896 boilers are replaced with two stoker
fed coal burning boilers. Steam pressure is increase to 120