Larz Anderson Auto Museum

15 Newton St, Brookline, MA 02445

3 September 2015

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I had seen mention of this museum on the Chronicle program on channel 5 out of Boston.  Seemed interesting so I decided that I would make a visit to the place.   Today seemed a good time so I programmed the GPS and headed out.  The museum has a nice collection of motorcycles and a modest collection of very old autos.  Very old as in early 1900's. 

Flash photography is my least favorite sort of picture taking.  I never seem to hit the settings just right and so I mostly just hope for the best.

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If you see your exhibit or machine and would care to drop me a line or two, or even a paragraph, about it I will be delighted to add your comments to this page.  Please send to   To identify a photo just hover your cursor over the photo and a tag should pop up.  Please use the last three digits of the tag to identify the photo. For  example if the tag came up  DSC03974.jpg (205067 bytes) the info I would need is 974.jpg. If this is a multi page unit the page number would also be useful.

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