2015 Durham Tractor Cruise-In

Durham CT

15 August 2015

Slide Show Parts 1 2

No video from this show, sorry!

When I got up this morning my thought was Oh boy!, a show that is only maybe 52 miles from home.  We can zip down I-395 to I-95, buzz down to exit 58 and run up to Durham.  Eazy-Peazy.  BUT the 52 mile trip took FOUR hours!!!  We stopped for breakfast and got back onto I-95 to continue the journey only to find that the road was at a stand still. Sadly the problem was a major accident further south on the road which included one fatality.  We were trapped like rats!  We finally got off the road, turned about and went back a way and, using the sort of roads that the tax collector barely knows about,  we were able to wind our way cross country, finally arriving at the fairground 

The show was small but very nice.  I had known about this show for a number of years but this was the first time I decided to attned and I am happy that I did.  

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