NEMES Annual Dinner in Essex MA and Frost Bite Crank Up 2014

December 13 and 14 2014

Woodman's of Essex 

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Dick Koolish Henry Szostek

Norm Jones,  Bill Brackett

Norm, Bill and Henry

Les Russell, Russ Steeves and his friend Joyce

Terri Groff and Sue Brackett

Bill and Gregg Young

Dick Koolish ,  Jeff Del Pappa


Pancake Breakfast and Frost Bite Crank Up

Northborough MA   14 December 2014

Crank Up Video HERE

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L to R are Les Russell, Norm Jones, Russ Steeves, Rich Hubbard and Roger Wentzel

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Roy Bear and Eddie Moose spent some time on the tailgate of Norm's pickup truck

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