7th Annual Massachusetts Antique Fire Apparatus Association

Wakefield, MA

14 June 2014

Slide Show Part 1, 2.

Parade video HERE

I don't recall where, in my travels, I learned about this show but it sounded interesting so I planned on going.   Turned out that my wife's 50th high school reunion was the same weekend so it took some fancy juggling to fit this show in.  I left the house at 6:30 AM and zoomed up to Wakefield MA, about 120 miles, arriving at 9:00 which included some wandering about and found a good spot to watch the parade go by. I learned that a fire equipment parade is pretty much an excuse for making as much noise as possible!  

The parade ended at the muster site and the grounds opened for visitors.  Took lots of photos (so what else is new) and departed on time to get back home for the evening reunion activities.  A LONG day!

The only disappointment was that the morning was very overcast so the brightly polished brass on many of the pieces couldn't shine and sparkle. 

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Perhaps someone can tell me, does this mean that a baby was born in this unit?  Addition:  Just got a note from Dalee in Minnesota who says:

And yes, the stork on the amp-a-lamps means they delivered on board. The Medics also get wings to wear. A good friend of mine on another service delivered 2 in one week this last winter. I been doing it for nearly 18 years now and still no wings for me.

Thanks for adding to the page Dalee!

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When I got married in 1966 our first apartment was just off Barry Square!

DSC09062.JPG (256857 bytes)  DSC09063.JPG (305690 bytes)  DSC09064.JPG (240395 bytes)

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The flea market section was set up in a parking garage.  Dry if it rained but the lighting was terrible in there.

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