NEMES April Meeting

4 April 2013

Our 17th Anniversary!

This meeting was the 17th anniversary of our group.  A BIG thank you goes to Ron Ginger who was responsible for getting us started and for the years he gave to the group.  

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The main  topic of the evening was discussion of what direction NEMES would like to take after all these years.  Our current president, Dick Boucher, has reached his limit and has declared his decision to leave the office.  As is so often the case in many organizations there are many who want to sit in the back row but few willing to come forward and take the reigns.  If no one takes up the mantle of responsibility NEMES very well may fade into oblivion.  There was opinion stated that we could return to the original vision for NEMES and just be more of a "get together" and chat group but still there is some level of organization needed and someone needs to be at the front of the pack.

If anyone thinks that I am incorrectly stating the situation fell free to send me your comments and I will add your thoughts here.  

We shall have to see how it goes.  End editorial mode.

I have a new camera and I am still experimenting with the flash operation so I apologize for the inconsistency of these photos.

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Show and tell locomotive boiler brought in by Dick Boucher and robotic works by George Gallant

DSC09685.JPG (157822 bytes)

Beautiful 17th anniversary cake, thank you Norm Jones!

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