Quinebaug Valley Engineers Association

Zagray Farm July Meet

20 July 2013

Slide Show Part 1, 2  (about 40 images per set) 

Very short video HERE

Today, 20 July, is supposed to be the last day of a staggering heat wave here in New England.  I sure hope so because walking around the show was as much of a chore as I have seen in a long time.  The humidity was gigantic and the sun was in  and out.  When it was out it was very hot and when it was clouded over the heat was not so bad.  I look forward to the fall show at this venue and hope it will be more temperate.

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If you see your exhibit or machine and would care to drop me a line or two, or even a paragraph, about it I will be delighted to add your comments to this page.  Please send to webmaster@neme-s.org   To identify a photo just hover your cursor over the photo and a tag should pop up.  Please use the last three digits of the tag to identify the photo. For  example if the tag came up  DSC03974.jpg (205067 bytes) the info I would need is 976.jpg. If this is a multi page unit the page number would also be useful.

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