New England Museum


Wireless and Steam Volunteer Lunch

12 December 2013 @ Gregg's Restaurant

North Kingston RI

Fred Jaggi was kind enough to add my name to the mail list of the Wireless and Steam Museum and when I saw they were having a get together for volunteers I asked if I might attend   Fred said I would be welcome so off I went.  Like the CRMI it takes a cadre of dedicated volunteers to things ship shape and Bristol fashion at the Wireless and Steam Museum.

Thanks to all for your hospitality and the opportunity to meet some very interesting folks!



                          Ken Adams, Lou Vertefuille, Fred Jaggi, Dave Crowell                                            Colin Leath, Art Post, Leigh Atwood                                                      


                               Malcolm Long, Ken Adams                                                                                Tom Patterson, Warren Hagist


                            Bob Merriam, Nancy Merriam, Jeff Berry                                                                Art Post, Leigh Atwood, Gordon Udall     


                           Tom Patterson, Warren Hagist                                                                                Dave Crowell, Craig Moody, Colin Leath


Errol Groff (L) and Tom Patterson


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