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My wife is a Nativity nut, errr, enthusiast and  planned to attend the annual Friends of the Crèche convention in Cleveland which was planned for October 16-19.  We left on Tuesday and drove to Cleveland, scouted out the hotel location for her event and collapsed at our hotel.  On Wednesday morning I dropped her off at the event and headed out looking for things to see for the day.  A brochure lead me to the Western Reserve Museum and I spent several hours admiring the autos and airplanes in their collection.  

If you don't know past of Ohio once belonged to Connecticut as a "reserve" for when the state started to get crowded.  That is one version that I heard but I have since heard a couple of other version of the story.  The link above will take you to a Wikipedia article on the subject.  

One of the suggestions I picked up on the HSM board for things to see in Cleveland was HGR Industrial Surplus and from the WRHS I headed over there and took a look around.  I could have spent much more time at HGR but I had an early breakfast and my blood sugar level  was dropping though the floor so I left the to find some sustenance.  Ron Tideman, a HGR employee, steered me to Muldoon's, a Irish themed restaurant where I had a great meal which revived me so I could head back to the convention site to pick up the wife.  Thanks you Ron! 

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Roscoe Turner was a famous air racer who won the Thompson Trophy (pictured) three times and the Bendix Trophy once.  Read the Wikipedia article HERE

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The carousel section was decorated for Halloween

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The Deloren (L) of course had stainless steel body.  The other two also are stainless bodies.

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HGR Industrial Surplus


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