New England Model Engineering Society

October 2012 Meeting

Our speaker this month will be Charlie Fairbrother. Charlie is a professional clock repairman who has been working on a reproduction of a Masonic clock which has involved having castings made and machined to build the case for the clock.  Although Charlie has been a clock repairman for many years this is only the second Masonic of this type he has seen.  He decided to make copies of it and outlined the steps he has had to go through for us.  A very interesting talk and a real testament to persistence!

DSC07931.JPG (199209 bytes)  President for life Dick Boucher  DSC07937.JPG (208191 bytes)  Dick and Gazette Editor George Gallant  DSC07940.JPG (246747 bytes)  Norm Jones

DSC07941.JPG (239431 bytes)  Fred Jaggi  who is very active at the New England Museum of Wireless and Steam

DSC07942.JPG (190540 bytes)  Show and tell about the nifty tiny tripod.  I will add the source as soon as I can so check back if you are interested.

DSC07944.JPG (206290 bytes)  Charlie Fairbrother

    DSC07948.JPG (253751 bytes)  DSC07949.JPG (191626 bytes)  The pattern on the left is the actual front of the clock Charlie was able to purchase.  It had to be filled, smoothed and carefully finished to act as a pattern.  Charlie has his parts cast in aluminum at a foundry in MA.

DSC07950.JPG (225436 bytes)  The Masonic symbol that mounts on the top of the clock front is cast in bronze and tumble polished.   

DSC07951.JPG (160236 bytes)  The clock work is a purchased item

DSC07952.JPG (270867 bytes)  DSC07946.JPG (252976 bytes)

DSC07947.JPG (196268 bytes)  A finished clock front which has a powder coat finish.. 


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