NEMES July Meeting 2012

The July meeting is always a "poster session".  Members bring recent or current project to show off and discuss with the rest of the group.


DSC05595.jpg (355535 bytes)  On the sidewalk into the museum DSC05605.jpg (196328 bytes) Gene Martha explains a detail of his 9' wingspan glider
DSC05597.jpg (223262 bytes) One the tables with an active discsuuion going on DSC05606.jpg (154099 bytes) Tracking antenna for when the glider departs the area!
DSC05598.jpg (225947 bytes) L to R are Max Ben-Aaron, Vic Kozakevich and Dick Boucher DSC05607.jpg (164056 bytes)
DSC05599.jpg (224589 bytes) DSC05608.jpg (181147 bytes)
DSC05600.jpg (242857 bytes) DSC05609.jpg (198292 bytes) Dave Osier (L) and Dave Bono
DSC05601.jpg (194662 bytes) In the center is Dave Bono with his very small trolling motor DSC05610.jpg (230462 bytes) Dave Osier
DSC05602.jpg (221146 bytes) L to R are Norm Jones, Gene Martha and Les Russell DSC05611.jpg (173599 bytes) Gene Martha holding the antenna
DSC05603.jpg (179723 bytes) Left is David Baker, recently elected to be treasurer for NEMES DSC05613.jpg (207579 bytes) L to R are Dave Bono, Max Ben-Aaron and Dick Boucher
DSC05604.jpg (169580 bytes) L to R are Bob Vincent, Frank Dorion, Todd Cahill and Rollie Gaucher  

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