Straw Hollow Meet

11 August 2012

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From the antique equipment show in NH we rolled to Boylston MA for the Straw Hollow get together.  The skies were very threatening and actual blobs of humidity were occasionally falling from above. I darted about taking photos and trying to keep as dry as possible and mostly succeeded. 

Norm Jones, Bill Brackett and a couple of other NEMES stalwarts were holding down the fort and Terri and the boys sat under the canopy with them while I made the mad dash about the grounds.

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These signs, I thought, were exceptionally nice

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This Willys truck is a 1947 model and is in a lot better shape than I am, also a 1947 model!


If you see your exhibit or machine and would care to drop me a line or two, or even a paragraph, about it I will be delighted to add your comments to this page.  Please send to   To identify a photo just hover your cursor over the photo and a tag should pop up.  Please use the last three digits of the tag to identify the photo. For  example if the tag came up  DSC03974.jpg (205067 bytes) the info I would need is 976.jpg. If this is a multi page unit the page number would also be useful.

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