New England Model Engineering Society

April Meeting

5 April 2012

Or speaker this month was Frank Dorion who spoke about Heat Treating in the Home Shop.  As in previous times when Frank has addressed the group he did a super job, presenting useful information is words of one syllable or less so that all could understand the subject matter. Thank you Frank for another well done talk!

First some photos of the usual suspects and then I will post the photos that Frank used during his talk.  I video recorded the talk and that part of the project is now in "production".  The talk is divided into three (or maybe four) sections and will posted on YouTube so please check back for progress on that score.

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11 April 2012:  I was able to video Frank as he gave his talk.  Due to the length of the talk and the pokey rate at which my computer processes the video I decided to cut it into four sections.  Use the links below to access the YouTube video.

Part 1    Part 2    Part 3    Part 4


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