NEMES Monthly Meeting

6 January 2011

January is always one of our two annual "poster sessions" the other being the July meeting.  A number of very interesting projects were on display and a good turnout of members and visitors enjoyed seeing the craftsmanship of a number of our members.

DSC08438.JPG (115544 bytes)  DSC08439.JPG (148362 bytes)  DSC08440.JPG (109361 bytes)  DSC08441.JPG (135842 bytes)  Sorry but I just don't know who built this remarkable construct.

DSC08442.JPG (160431 bytes)  DSC08443.JPG (221148 bytes)  DSC08444.JPG (139315 bytes)  DSC08448.JPG (182204 bytes)  DSC08451.JPG (152267 bytes) 

DSC08445.JPG (145024 bytes) 

DSC08446.JPG (107670 bytes)  DSC08447.JPG (189876 bytes)  DSC08452.JPG (133434 bytes)  Frank Dorion made this spring winder and expects to have a build article in Home Shop Machinist.

DSC08449.JPG (129286 bytes)  DSC08450.JPG (112992 bytes)  This V-8 is Ed Roger's project     

DSC08454.JPG (167288 bytes)  Norm Jones explains his static electricity generator

DSC08455.JPG (153320 bytes)  Norm chats with Robin Garner and Mark Mason who were visitors to the meeting. 

DSC08453.JPG (169592 bytes)  This is a very neat folded paper construction.

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