2011 December NEMES Meeting


DSC01734.jpg (177956 bytes)  DSC01735.jpg (208000 bytes)  DSC01736.jpg (156578 bytes)  DSC01737.jpg (134353 bytes)  DSC01738.jpg (129596 bytes)  DSC01739.jpg (164680 bytes)  DSC01742.jpg (212542 bytes)  DSC01743.jpg (193761 bytes)  DSC01745.jpg (155458 bytes)  DSC01746.jpg (197633 bytes)  Photos of some of the usual suspects.

  DSC01750.jpg (238073 bytes)    DSC01752.jpg (181786 bytes)  Our speaker this month was John Busch has authored a book titled "Steam Coffin" and will be reviewing it for us. John is an independent historian and author of the just-published non-fiction book on the first crossing of the Atlantic Ocean by a steamship, entitled "STEAM COFFIN.  Although I recently heard John give this talk at the Webb Institute on Long Island the talk he gave our groups was slightly different with some different emphasis on certain points and it was well received by all who attended the meting. If you, as a reader of this page, ever have the chance to hear John speak on his subject don't miss the opportunity!

DSC01749.jpg (193877 bytes)  DSC01751.jpg (152205 bytes)  Newspapers of the day were known as broad sheets.  Printed on both sides and folded in half they were mostly advertising but also served as a valuable resource of information to the population of the young nation.

DSC01747.jpg (138075 bytes)  Notice the headset microphone.  A few months ago we bought a system that broadcasts to headphone for members whose' hearing is not as sharp as it used to be.  It works well but with a regular microphone if the speaker does not hold it at a consistent distance the sound varies up and down.  With the headphone the whole thing works much better.

DSC01756.jpg (298188 bytes)  For the wine and cheese crowd this sign is near a vineyard near our home in south east Connecticut

DSC01757.jpg (209633 bytes)  And less than two miles away is this more down to earth sign.

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