2nd Annual NEMES Banquet

3 December 2011

The second banquet of the New England Model Engineering Society was a great success!  There were some folks who were in attendance last year who could not make it this year and some others who were joining us for the first time.  All in all it was very enjoyable with much good fellowship and good conversation.

DSC01758.jpg (154499 bytes)  Al Goldberg checks the look of a photo he just took

DSC01759.jpg (132278 bytes)  Russ Steeves and Terri Groff chat while waiting for other revelers to arrive

DSC01760.jpg (173649 bytes)  Norm Jones

DSC01762.jpg (194002 bytes)  L to R are Marty Feldman, Henry Szostek and Larry Twaits with his back to the camera

DSC01763.jpg (197241 bytes)  L to R are Ron Ginger, Ed Rogers, Howard Gorin and Max Ben-Aaron

DSC01765.jpg (219475 bytes)  Back to camera in the blue shirt if Rollie Gaucher, with his had raised is Jeff Del Papa. facing the camera is Dick Koolish and Rollie's wife

DSC01770.jpg (162974 bytes)  L to R are David Baker, his mom Lisa and dad Rich


DSC01764.jpg (204314 bytes)  DSC01766.jpg (203334 bytes)  DSC01767.jpg (209548 bytes)  DSC01768.jpg (199030 bytes)  DSC01771.jpg (177330 bytes)

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