NEMES Meeting

4 August 2011

Our speaker this month was David Baker.  David was showing and explaining his remotely piloted under sea research vehicles which he built as part of a lab project at MIT.

Video of David's talk

View David's Power Point presentation

DSC00847.jpg (149031 bytes)  David during his talk.

DSC00842.jpg (134535 bytes)  The first in the series was this "Sea Perch" model

DSC00838.jpg (114414 bytes)  DSC00841.jpg (135151 bytes)  The Sea Cow was built last year and taken to Alaska 

DSC00839.jpg (142773 bytes)  DSC00840.jpg (143284 bytes)  Sea Cow 2 was this years model and taken by David to Alaska as part of a science camp project.  Sea Cow 2 was rigged to sample salinity, turbidity and temperature. 

DSC00846.jpg (143036 bytes)  The antenna looking device leaning in the corner to the right of Dick Boucher is a floating antenna that could be towed by the Sea Cow 2 to give greater range and is linked to the submersible by cable and the instructions sent bi radio from shore.     

DSC00843.jpg (167193 bytes)  DSC00844.jpg (145924 bytes)  DSC00845.jpg (111880 bytes)  Some of the usual suspects at our meetings.

The other big event at this meeting was the first trial run of our wireless headphone experiment for members who's hearing is not a acute as it once was.  The equipment was purchased from and proved to be very successful.  So much so that we will be ordering more sets so that more members can take advantage of the technology.

Two headphones and the transmitter are only $29.26 plus shipping.  The transmitter plugged easily into our P.A. amplifier and with only a bit of fiddling we were up to speed.

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