NEMES November Meeting

4 November 2010

The museum, which is making great strides in recovering from the spring floods has a new Steampunk exhibit on display.  What you may ask is Steampunk? For a through description please go to this Wikipedia article,  Steampunk combines elements of science fiction,  romance, and mechanical extravaganza.

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DSC08320.JPG (164988 bytes)  DSC08321.JPG (130442 bytes)  DSC08322.JPG (136687 bytes)  DSC08324.JPG (93990 bytes)  DSC08325.JPG (115914 bytes)  DSC08326.JPG (161617 bytes)  DSC08323.JPG (122342 bytes)  DSC08327.JPG (113710 bytes)      DSC08330.JPG (135708 bytes)  Our speaker Jim Johnston gave an interesting and informative talk on the history of steel making from the 1500's to the present.

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