NEMES March Meeting

4 March 2010

Our meeting started promptly (OK, semi promptly) with a lively round of show and tell with a number of items being passed around for examination by the membership.  A report was given regarding our recent club show and several items were discussed for changes and improvements for next year.

After a bit our speakers for the evening were introduced.  David Baker and his dad Rich had brought two rapid prototyping machines and gave a very interesting talk on the process.  One of the machines David has built from a kit purchased from a company in England.  They described their trials and tribulations of dealing with an outfit so far away.  It was apparent that patience was one of the main things that they have been able to develop during the process!

Dave has sent this link to video taken by Mrs. Baker during the talk:.

 DSC08371.JPG (242564 bytes)  Rich graciously sent a copy of the PowerPoint presentation for me to post here.  If  you will go HERE you will   be able to see the presentation.  Thank you Rich!

DSC08357.JPG (141173 bytes)  DSC08361.JPG (167147 bytes)  This is the machine that David has built.  DSC08374.JPG (106369 bytes)

  DSC08360.JPG (119403 bytes)  DSC08359.JPG (110682 bytes)  DSC08358.JPG (114514 bytes)  This machine was recently featured in Make magazine.

On to photos of the usual suspects.

DSC08356.JPG (88632 bytes)  This is the process by which the interesting holes in the right most block are made.  Sorry for the dark photo.  Left is the block of material, next it is heated in an oven and squashed.  Holes are drilled in the squashed piece which is then reheated.  Te material returns to its  pre-squashed form distorting the formerly straight holes.

DSC08362.JPG (117187 bytes)  DSC08364.JPG (123050 bytes)  DSC08367.JPG (148384 bytes)  DSC08370.JPG (138811 bytes)    

DSC08365.JPG (98626 bytes)  Al Goldberg is a frequent contributor to this site.

DSC08363.JPG (137696 bytes)  A small flood started in one of the rest rooms and that is Terri Groff (L) doing what she does best....supervising!!

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