NEMES Membership Meeting

1 July 2010

The July meeting is always  one of our two  "poster sessions".  Everyone is encouraged to bring projects that are completed, in the works or whatever they think that others will find interesting.

DSC00298.JPG (89458 bytes)  These parts are for NIMS certifcation.  NIMS is a national, indeed international, organization which encourages excellence in the manufacturing trades.  A series of hands on projects and on line tests are used to demonstrate a students proficiency at various aspects of the machine trade.

DSC00300.JPG (107776 bytes)  DSC00301.JPG (94331 bytes)  Chassis and boiler being built by our youngest emeber.

DSC00302.JPG (108950 bytes)  DSC00303.JPG (128630 bytes)  DSC00307.JPG (116584 bytes)  DSC00306.JPG (133817 bytes)  DSC00305.JPG (88012 bytes)

DSC00304.JPG (75361 bytes)  Very nice planer gage.  The base on this unit is probably about 12" long

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