NEMES January Meeting 2010

The January meeting is one of our two annual "poster sessions".  Members are invited to bring projects, finished or in progress and any gadgets they think that others would find interesting.  Here are a few photos of the evening.

Member Dick Koolish also took photos and has posted them here:

DSC07599.JPG (127915 bytes)  DSC07600.JPG (99598 bytes)  DSC07603.JPG (110197 bytes)

DSC07601.JPG (103422 bytes)  Todd Cahill (R) and Frank Dorion     

DSC07604.JPG (95212 bytes)  Herb Cotterly (L) and Norm Jones 

DSC07605.JPG (68368 bytes)  Bill Brackett made this brass flywheel DSC07602.JPG (105090 bytes)  That's him on the left and Ed Rogers (R)

DSC07606.JPG (79387 bytes) Someone brought several  puzzles and had Vern Eshbaugh's complete attention

DSC07607.JPG (110833 bytes)  (L) Rich Koolish, (C) George Gallant

DSC07608.JPG (59288 bytes)  Les Russell brought this engine  DSC07609.JPG (74789 bytes)  and Norm Jones brought this one

DSC07610.JPG (100307 bytes)  Todd Cahill made this nifth cross head guide to replace one that was not doing the job

DSC07611.JPG (91479 bytes)  Dave Piper brought this head

DSC07612.JPG (119117 bytes)  Our youngest active member David showed off his boiler. DSC07613.JPG (83850 bytes)  DSC07614.JPG (101236 bytes)

DSC07615.JPG (112658 bytes)  DSC07616.JPG (98122 bytes)

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