First annual, totally unofficial and only slightly organized NEMES banquet.  

Where?  Woodman's of Essex Restaurant,  133 Main Street, Essex, MA

When?  12 December 2010 @ 2:00 P.M. 

Who?  NEMES members and spouses or lady friends (probably best to not invite both) and anyone else so inclined.

Why?  Why not!


Thus it was announced on the NEMES website.  A last minute and very informal gathering which worked out very well and a fine time was had by all (about) eighteen folks who participated.  December 12th was a rainy day and we (Terri Groff and I) left south eastern Connecticut about 11:00 AM with about a 128 mile drive before us to Essex.  The rain seemed to lessen as we drove north but never completely let off.  We arrived in Essex about 1:30 and drove through town a bit and then settled in Woodman's parking lot hoping that the rest of the folks who indicated they would be there arrived.  After a bit Dick and Bea Boucher arrived and we went in.  After not so long more folks rolled in and we gathered in an area of the restaurant. 

The chow at Woodman's it great and the atmosphere warm and friendly.  One lines up to order at the counter and then collects the food when called on the P.A.  We had bowls of chowder and shared a seafood combo (shrimp, scallops and fish with onion rings and fries), delicious!  Topped off with strawberry shortcake. 

If this happens again next year I hope that more members will join is and enjoy the company and great food.

DSC08385.jpg (107638 bytes)  Paulette Bobroff (L) and Maxine Marcy

DSC08386.jpg (104345 bytes)  Bea Boucher (L) and Terri Groff

DSC08387.jpg (100163 bytes)  Left with their back to the camera are Saul Bobroff and David Osier.  Facing the camera is Dick Boucher 

DSC08389.jpg (89990 bytes)  Henry Szostek 

DSC08390.jpg (111991 bytes)  In the red shirt is David Baker, to his left (in the photo) is his dad Rich, commonly known as David's Dad,  and to his right is John Bottoms

DSC08391.jpg (111884 bytes)  Henry and David's Mom, Lisa

DSC08392.jpg (115132 bytes)  With her back to the camera is Terri Groff.  The next day was her birthday so she got a rousing round of Happy Birthday.  Also seen in this photo is ****** ***** who is photographed about as often as the Yeti.  

DSC08393.jpg (114063 bytes)  With her back to the camera on the left is Suzanne Courtney who had come with John Bottoms   

Picture2.jpg (127511 bytes)  L to R are Dave Osier, Saul Bobroff and Dick Boucher

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