NEMES Monthly Meeting

5 August 2010


Our speaker this month was Rolly Evans talking about his reproduction Stanley Steamer auto.  Rolly has been working on this project for four years and has made an amazing product.  John Woodson of Steam  has added an super complete page on Rolly's project to his website ( )  

The direct link to the page is .

Thank you Rolly for forwarding to me the info on John's site.  Very interesting stuff indeed!

DSC00514.JPG (109600 bytes)  Rolly Evans giving his talk


During our show and tell segment I showed the Zero It style indicator holder I just finished making.  There were a couple of request for photos so here are two, one with the shop made brass knobs I made and one using the Shear-Loc knobs called for in the drawing.  Thank you Frank Dorion for bringing the Shear-Loc pieces for me!

Link to the plans for this handy device are found on the Home Metal Shop Club (Houston TX) website.  is the link to the drawings and text.  

I made a small change in mine.  The drawings for the main block and the spindle block show a saw cut most of the way through leaving a small "hinge" for clamping.  I made up the two pieces as shown but did not care for the clamping function so I remade the parts as two piece assemblies.  I super glued the pieces together and drilled and reamed the .250 diameter holes.  I later separated the pieces and skimmed .010 off one side to provide the desired clamping function.  I also changed the 1.125 dimension to 1.375 on the main block and spindle block.

Zero Adjust Black Knob.JPG (75993 bytes)  with the Shear Loc knobs  Zero Adjust.jpg (100083 bytes) and with the shop made brass knobs

DSC00513.JPG (133390 bytes)  Jeff Del Papa our vice president ran the meeting.  Dick Boucher our long time president has run out his term and no one has yet stepped up to take his place.  

DSC00512.JPG (122975 bytes)  The museum suffered major damage during the floods this spring and it was moved and voted on to donate $1,500 USD to demonstrate our support for an institution that has been our friend for so man years.  In this photo (on the right) is treasurer Rich Koolish who assured members that our check book would support such a donation.

DSC00506.JPG (130348 bytes)  DSC00507.JPG (139136 bytes)  DSC00510.JPG (130784 bytes)  DSC00511.JPG (118659 bytes)     Photos of the usual suspect before the meeting got started.

DSC00505.JPG (135505 bytes)  This photo of Orson the Polar Beverage mascot has nothing to do with anything other than he makes me smile every time I drive by him on I290 in Worcester MA.

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