Monthly Meeting

May 2009

Our scheduled speaker was unable to be with us tonight but is expected to be at the June meeting.  Member Frank Dorion filled in with a very interesting talk on spring making.  I video taped  the presentation and it looked OK on the camera monitor but came out very dark on the computer.  Still it is better than nothing so  I hope that you are able to get some useful information out of the tapes.  I have broken up the talk into six minute segments to keep download times within reason.  Since the film quality is so low I have posted the clips in WMV format since that format loads faster and the lower quality is not so important here.

I will be visiting Frank's shop in the next week or so to photograph the tools he was showing and passing around  during the talk so check back to see those photos.  I am sure that they will make the talk more informative.

Segment 1    Segment 2    Segment 3  Segment 4  Segment 5 

Segment 6  Segment 7  Segment 8  Segment 9 

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UPDATE 26 May 2009

I was able to visit Frank's shop and take some photo and video which should add greatly to his talk. 

MPG  WMV  Using the di-acro spring winder

MPG  WMV  Winding springs on the lathe

DSC06212.jpg (84611 bytes)  DSC06214.jpg (83926 bytes)  DSC06216.jpg (89822 bytes)  DSC06217.jpg (85544 bytes)  DSC06218.jpg (92632 bytes)  

Above:  A variety of tools used in the spring making process.  L to R are winders, various cutters, mandrels, a sample of wire used in making springs and a specialty pliers used for making the end loop on extension springs.

DSC06219.jpg (71293 bytes)  An excellent site for information about making springs is:


DSC06220.jpg (133463 bytes)  DSC06221.jpg (130664 bytes)  Another style of spring maker.  The wire is fed down between the rollers and forms the coil against a stop.  This style machine can be seen in the opening part of the Watch it Made or How it's Made TV show.

DSC06222.jpg (143568 bytes)  DSC06223.jpg (124753 bytes)  The di-acro spring winder that Frank demonstrated during his talk.  He plans to draw up sketches which will enable one to make a similar machine.  

DSC06224.jpg (134784 bytes)  DSC06225.jpg (135139 bytes)  DSC06226.jpg (143117 bytes)  Torsion springs Frank is making for a fellow who is rebuilding a machine.  The center photo is of a pile of "practice pieces".  In the right photo note the two rusty looking springs. These are originals and are being used to guide the process.  Note too that there are left hand and right hand springs to be made.  Note also the small "kick up" on the short end of the spring.  The di-acro bender in the photos below will be used to make that detail.

DSC06227.jpg (90594 bytes)  DSC06228.jpg (90986 bytes)  DSC06229.jpg (108155 bytes)

Here are some photos from the meeting.

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