April NEMES Meeting

2 April 2009

DSC05665.jpg (86375 bytes)  DSC05667.jpg (92573 bytes)  DSC05668.jpg (84905 bytes)  Lockheed L-1011  Powered by a single jet turbine mounted under the tail.

DSC05666.jpg (84165 bytes)  Gas tanks for the 1011.  The total fuel carried can be up to a gallon of kerosene.  The fuel is mixed with a quart of turbine oil to help lubricate the engine which can rev to 130,000 RPM. 

DSC05675.jpg (90975 bytes)  Our speaker of the evening Bob Sgroi.  There is serious money involved in this class of R/C modeling and Bob has been in the hobby for over thirty years. 

DSC05669.jpg (88726 bytes) DSC05670.jpg (102232 bytes)  DSC05671.jpg (84806 bytes)  Another aircraft which Bob had on display.  This one he described as a gentle flier with forgiving characteristics.

DSC05672.jpg (68854 bytes)  DSC05673.jpg (76122 bytes)  Gene Martha brought this nifty tool grinding jig which he uses to grind threading tools for making 128 TPI threads.

DSC05674.jpg (109967 bytes)  President Dick Boucher lead the meeting in his usual fine style.

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