NEMES May Meeting 2008

The meeting started off with some interesting show and tell items. 

DSC03600.jpg (80937 bytes)  DSC03601.jpg (87507 bytes)  DSC03602.jpg (81717 bytes)  DSC03607.jpg (76394 bytes)  This robot was recently entered by George Gallant in the Trinity College (Hartford, Connecticut USA) Fire Fighting competition.

DSC03603.jpg (171388 bytes)  DSC03605.jpg (167516 bytes)  Dan Yaeger, of the Charles River Museum of Industry introduced Ellen Hagney a new member of the staff.  She will be running events which will attract the community to the museum.

DSC03608.jpg (98901 bytes)  Norm Jones shows off a mineral specimen from Florida which Harvey Noel was kind enough to transport back to MA for him.   We often joke that Norm knows EVERYBODY.  Well, during the recent visit of Pope Benedict the 16th to New York City Norm was able to meet the Pope and was invited up on to the dais with the pontif.  A wave of whispering went through the crowd as one person asked another who that old guy was up there with Norm.

DSC03609.jpg (77279 bytes)  Dick Boucher passed around this jig which he had made to hold connecting rods in proper alignment for secondary machining.

DSC03611.jpg (85004 bytes)  DSC03612.jpg (92498 bytes)  DSC03613.jpg (107157 bytes)  Our speaker Dave Beard presented an interesting talk on ignition systems of early I.C. engines.   He was kind enough to share his slide show (in pps format)with this web page.

Click HERE to view the slide show.

DSC03614.jpg (67950 bytes)  Club secretary Todd Cahill snaps a photo of some of the items which Dave Beard had shown.

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