NEMES Monthly Meeting

March 2008

Photos and video by Errol Groff


DSC03405.jpg (107511 bytes)  DSC03411.jpg (83738 bytes)  As the OMAX sales representative for the New England area, Julie Kaiser has over four years of experience in the operation and sales of both  new and used waterjets from a variety of manufacturers. Over the years she has worked with fabricators, job shops and OEMs to cut  many different materials including metals,  stone, plastics, composites, rubber, and foam, creating a solid knowledge of abrasive waterjet applications. She is familiar with the software and maintenance required on the top five producers of waterjet systems in the industry and looks forward to sharing this information. Abrasive waterjets have changed dramatically from their inception over twenty years ago and these new advances have increased the use and benefits of waterjets dramatically.


DSC03406.jpg (102253 bytes)  DSC03407.jpg (86940 bytes)  DSC03408.jpg (77325 bytes)  DSC03409.jpg (84844 bytes)

This model Rolls Royce is mostly made of wood by Ernest Smith

DSC03410.jpg (96571 bytes)  ?? showed off his recently completed ball turning accessory

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