NEMES Monthly Meeting

August 2008

DSC04130.jpg (145268 bytes)  DSC04131.jpg (137113 bytes)  There was another event going on at the museum before our meeting and one of the attendees to that event owned this Smart car.  He let me sit in it and it was very comfortable, comparable to my 1997 Ford Escort wagon but when you look over your shoulder THERE AIN'T NOTHING THERE!!!!!  Still he says he gets 45mpg or better on the highway so it may be worth considering.  My Escort has 258.000 miles on it and won't last forever.

DSC04132.jpg (83531 bytes)  DSC04133.jpg (90720 bytes)  DSC04134.jpg (100555 bytes)  DSC04135.jpg (98551 bytes)  DSC04136.jpg (81687 bytes)  DSC04137.jpg (104707 bytes)

Above:  photos of the usual suspects

DSC04139.jpg (79403 bytes)  President Dick Boucher starts the meeting

DSC04140.jpg (94526 bytes)  Our speaker, Richard Baker, is a patent agent and presented a very interesting talk about the patent process and the history of patents and the use of patent models.

DSC04141.jpg (58086 bytes)  DSC04142.jpg (74721 bytes)  DSC04143.jpg (76505 bytes)  Informational links about patents

DSC04145.jpg (93900 bytes) NEMES member Frank Hills brought two visitors with him.  One of them Bill Shirtcliff showed off this beautiful model motorcycle.  Maybe six or eight inches long it was a real work of art. The other fellow was Clay Lennartz of Palace Manufacturing in Billerica.  Thanks for visiting our group guys.

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