NEMES July Meeting 2007

The July meeting is one of our twice yearly "poster sessions".  Members are invited and encouraged to bring in finished projects and projects which are in the works.  Here are some pictures of the evening.

DSC02141.JPG (100008 bytes)  Frank Stauffer looks over the selection of magazines that were available.  That is Joe Ng to the left.

DSC02142.JPG (92237 bytes)  Robin Parker showed off his Roomba autonomous vacuum cleaner.  He reports that he has had it for about a year and likes it very much.  The dog doesn't even bark at it like he did the regular vacuum cleaner.  It makes a bit of noise so when they are going out they turn it loose and it works its' magic while they are gone.

DSC02143.JPG (87536 bytes)  DSC02145.JPG (71315 bytes)  This Todd Cahill's current project

DSC02144.JPG (67467 bytes)  That is Todd in the center with Steve Cushman on the left and Frank Dorion on the right.

DSC02146.JPG (90351 bytes)  L to R Bill Brackett, Joe Ng and a couple of fellows that I don't know.

DSC02147.JPG (73888 bytes)  Jo Ng made up this "cam car" using a couple of wheel truck ha had on hand and a wooden plank.  He ran it in front of a locomotive on the high line at the Waushakum Live Steamers line and was showing video of the track on the laptop PC in the background.

DSC02148.JPG (74052 bytes)  All these pieces fit in the box.  I am no good at this sort of puzzle so I will take it for granted that they really do.

DSC02149.JPG (74921 bytes)  An in process project.

DSC02150.JPG (62977 bytes)  Vic Kozakevich  NEMES Gazette Editor

DSC02151.JPG (144993 bytes)  DSC02152.JPG (117279 bytes)

A couple examples of Frank Dorion's extensive collection of measuring tools

DSC02153.JPG (84941 bytes)  Bill Brackett showed this interesting clock

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