NEMES Monthly Meeting

4 January 2007

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Our January 2007 meeting was one of our twice a year "poster sessions".  Instead of a speaker members are invited to bring in samples of their current projects or other item of interest to others for an extended version of show and tell.  

As always help with identification of folks in the photos is most welcome.  Please send a note to:


DSC00180A.JPG (23469 bytes) 1. In the background is Larry Keegan

DSC00181A.JPG (20869 bytes)  2.  Rollie Evans (L) chat with Dave Piper, a member who has not been seen for many moons, welcome back!

DSC00182A.JPG (18636 bytes) 3.  Norm Jones (L)

DSC00189A.JPG (31320 bytes)  4.  President Rich Boucher interrupted the general milling about to remind members that seats are still available for the planned bus trip to York PA for this years Cabin Fever Expo

DSC00190A.JPG (25588 bytes) 5.  Vic Kozakevich (C) and Ron Ginger (R) listen to Dick's pronouncements

DSC00192A.JPG (24271 bytes) 6. More of the membership listening to Dick, among them are Jonathan Bosworth & Todd Cahill

DSC00193A.JPG (17674 bytes) 7. Ed Rogers (L) and Gene Martha

DSC00194A.JPG (22286 bytes) 8.Wayne Singer (blue shirt)

DSC00195A.JPG (20578 bytes) 9. Ladies auxiliary, Cindy Shoppe (L) Dick Boucher's wife (C) and Gene Martha's wife, Gale (R)

DSC00196A.JPG (22131 bytes) 10. Rollie Evans (C) and Jonathan Bosworth

DSC00197A.JPG (24103 bytes) 11. Les Russell (L) and Walt Winship (R)

DSC00198A.JPG (23395 bytes) 12.  Jeff del Papa (L) was showing off what looked like a lapsed time movie sequence.  He had taken a series of pictures using an inexpensive web cam and used software to blend them together in what looked all the world for a time lapse sequence.

DSC00199A.JPG (19025 bytes) 13.Larry Keegan

DSC00201A.JPG (18947 bytes) 14.Vern Eshbaugh & Bradley Ross (back to camera)

DSC00202A.JPG (18525 bytes) 15. Bill Shoppe, who has been seriously ill lately, and it was great to see him at the meeting.

DSC00203A.JPG (17697 bytes)  DSC00204A.JPG (22445 bytes)  16.

DSC00205A.JPG (17982 bytes)  17.Nice examples of thin wall turnings

DSC00206A.JPG (24381 bytes) DSC00207A.JPG (20586 bytes) DSC00208A.JPG (25834 bytes) 18. Les Russel 

DSC00210A.JPG (19589 bytes)  DSC00211A.JPG (22744 bytes)  DSC00212A.JPG (22672 bytes)  19.  A very interesting engine under construction

DSC00213A.JPG (17529 bytes)  DSC00214A.JPG (16286 bytes)  DSC00215A.JPG (20630 bytes)  20.  Scratch built part for a Stanley Steamer

DSC00216A.JPG (22505 bytes)  21.  This way cool gadget joined the Frank Dorion collection of oddities.  Frank will have better luck sliding this into the house that he had with his last mill or lathe purchase.  It is a gage for counting teeth on small gears.  First one compares the gear in question to the gears mounted on the plate to find the pitch of the gear.  Then an adjustable arm is set to that number creating a wedge opening.  The gear is slid from right to left in the opening and he number of teeth are directly read on the plate.  Just the ticket if you have a box full of small gears and want to know how many teeth are on each one.  

DSC00219A.jpg (17061 bytes)  22.  NEMES treasurer Dick Koolish keeps things organized

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