April 2007 Meeting Photos

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Our April meeting had two members scheduled to speak to the group but a spring snowstorm kept Ron Ginger from making it down from the wilds of Boothbay Maine so Herb Cotterly had to hold down the fort single handed. 

The meeting was not held in our usual hall but rather in the smaller downstairs room.  It worked out well for this meeting other than the hanging butterflies that can be seen in a number of the photos below. 

President Dick Boucher had mentioned a meeting or two back that we used to have more "show and tell" things being, well, shown and told, and meeting and he asked that embers try to bring in more projects even bits and pieces of projects that others might find of interest.  As luck would have it many members chose this meting to respond to Dick's request and so the meeting time was filled with interesting things form many members.  A more complete, I am sure, will be in the May Gazette which will be available for download near the start of next month.

DSC00844.JPG (60807 bytes)  1.  Standing (L) is Ed Rogers and (R) Rollie Gaucher.  With his back to the camera is Bill Brackett.

DSC00845.JPG (42741 bytes)  2.  (L) Vern Escher and (R) Alan Bugbee who spoke about the availability of free plans for making an ornamental turning lathe from MDF.  Alan does some beautiful ornamental turning.

DSC00846.JPG (60403 bytes) 3.  DSC00847.JPG (72485 bytes) 4.  DSC00848.JPG (77965 bytes) 5.  

DSC00849.JPG (69037 bytes) 6. (R) Steve Cushman

DSC00850.JPG (52998 bytes)  Standing is Herb Cotterly and seated is Vic Kozakevich

DSC00851.JPG (48181 bytes) 7.

DSC00852.JPG (49494 bytes) 8.  Facing camera is Jeff Del Pappa

DSC00853.JPG (51247 bytes)  9.  Do you remember the TV program Cheers?  And the character Norm.  Remember how Norm's wife was often spoken of but was never seen on the program?  Well, the lady to the left in this photo is Rollie Gaucher's wife.  Long rumored to exist but to my knowledge never before seen at a meeting.  On the right is Bea Boucher Dick's wife.

DSC00854.JPG (42702 bytes)  10.

DSC00855.JPG (49448 bytes)  DSC00856.JPG (54564 bytes)11. and 12.  Dick Boucher in and out of the light of the digital projector

DSC00857.JPG (56121 bytes) 13.  Frank Dorion expresses and opinion about something or other

DSC00858.JPG (44926 bytes) 14.  DSC00859.JPG (59170 bytes)  15.  Herb Cotterly talks about the techniques he used to build the beautiful model of his cabin cruiser.  http://neme-s.org/NEMES_2007/nemes_annual_show_2007.htm  More photos of the boat model may be seen at the link shown.

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