NEMES  July 2006 Membership Meeting

July is one of out twice yearly "poster sessions" when members have an opportunity to display projects they may be working on or think that others may find them of interest.

PICT0006.JPG (81542 bytes)  While walking into the meeting hall I found these Canada Geese cluttering up the walkway.  there are most always ducks of one sort or another in the Charles Rives that runs by the museum but this is the first time I remember seeing geese.  IMO they are filthy, annoying critters that ought to go away and not come back.  Just my $.02 of course

PICT0009.JPG (69744 bytes)  PICT0010.JPG (54743 bytes)  Either we were early, or the folks with the keys were behind the power curve,  and about a dozen members gathered outside the doors and had a pleasant conversation before being let into the building.

PICT0013.JPG (54050 bytes)  Left to Right are Vic Kozakvich, Gazette editor, Norm Jones, esteemed past president and Dick Boucher, current Grand Potentate of NEMES

PICT0014.JPG (42779 bytes)

PICT0022.JPG (37671 bytes)  Norm Jones chats with Gale Martha who was dishing out sodas and cookies.  Yea Gale!

PICT0025.JPG (51077 bytes)  PICT0049.JPG (421808 bytes) PICT0045.JPG (39835 bytes)  The hand tools and planes are the work of Frank Dorian

PICT0042.JPG (33899 bytes)  PICT0026.JPG (41376 bytes)  This is a rear end for a Stanley Steamers automobile

PICT0030.JPG (25188 bytes)  A Brass Cannon

PICT0033.JPG (44444 bytes)  PICT0034.JPG (46696 bytes)  PICT0038.JPG (36976 bytes)  Earle Rich built this device for pulling sapphire rods.


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