January 2006 NEMES Meeting

Here are some quick shots taken at the January meeting.  The meeting one one our semi-annual "poster" session.  That is, there was no speaker scheduled, members are invited and encouraged to bring projects they have recently completed or are works in progress.

P1050003.JPG (57377 bytes)  This is one of Todd Cahill's engines.  Just when you think that you have made every dumb photo mistakes possible I managed to take not one, nor two but THREE photos of the engine with my fat finger in the way of the lens.  Sorry Todd!

P1050004.JPG (78530 bytes)  P1050009.JPG (45104 bytes)  These two sculptures are by the famous Commode a Phone guitar

P1050010.JPG (60487 bytes) This home brew tumbler is the work of Henry Szoctek

P1050013.JPG (55848 bytes)

P1050014.JPG (60198 bytes) A yarn carousel for rolling balls of, what else, yarn.

P1050015.JPG (78646 bytes)  NEMES president Norm Jones discusses parts of his current project.

P1050016.JPG (34329 bytes) P1050018.JPG (28612 bytes)  Two very neat fold up spinning tools

P1050020.JPG (67376 bytes)  Never let it be said that the range of interest of NEMES members does not run the full gamut.  This remote control Wooly Mammoth drew a lot of atention.


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