NEMES December 2006 Membership Meeting

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Before the meeting was called to order a number of lively discussions were enjoyed by member throughout the hall

DSC00070.JPG (25203 bytes)  This is a palm sized model of a marine V8 engine

DSC00071.JPG (33088 bytes)  Hidden behind the cluster of check writers is Dick Koolish NEMES treasurer.  December is dues paying month and also sign up for the Cabin Fever Expo bus trip.

DSC00072.JPG (63753 bytes)  Esteemed leader Dick Boucher called the meeting to order promptly at 7:00 PM

DSC00073.JPG (23615 bytes)  My long time friend Dave Osier has not been seen for several months so I snuck this photo of him.

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Before the speaker takes the floor members are invited to "show and tell" about projects they might be working or about interests they may have that would be of interest to the rest of the group.

DSC00078.JPG (26890 bytes)  DSC00079.JPG (42954 bytes)  Ed Rogers showed off the crankshaft to a model Crosley engine he is building.  The screen shot on the left is made possible using the video camera and projector that the club purchased a while back.  Money well spent and thanks to the guys who came up with the idea.

DSC00084.JPG (81572 bytes)  Our speakers for the December meeting were to talk about Automatons.  that is animated figures.

DSC00085.JPG (26973 bytes)  This picture of an Automaton from 2000 B.C.

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DSC00089.JPG (50862 bytes)  Marvelous mechanism enclosed in one of the figures.