April 2006 NEMES Meeting


You may be asking yourself, self?, what happened to the March meeting pictures.  Well, in the ten years that I have been going up to Waltham for the monthly NEMES get together there have only been a handful of times that the weather was just too foul to make going reasonably safe.  March 2006 was one of those days.  The weather was truly awful and I decided that it just wasn't worth the risk.  The scheduled speaker canceled and a congenial "B.S." session was held by those sturdy souls who braved the elements.

When April 6 rolled around the weather was fine off I went after school.   I am toting my new Minolta 7D digital SLR camera and finding the urge to shoot everything in sight.  The first few pictures are outside the Charles River Museum of Industry where we meet.

By the way, this April meeting marks the tenth anniversary of NEMES.  President Norm Jones recounted the tale of how our founder Ron Ginger started NEMES and asked for a show of hands of those present had been there on the first meeting ten years ago.  There were a good number, myself included, who raised their hands.

PICT0185.JPG (175124 bytes)  PICT0186.JPG (141990 bytes)    I didn't ever know that there was a fish ladder next to the dam just upriver from the museum entrance.  For that matter how do fish climb ladders?  Must be awkward using their fins/

PICT0196.JPG (127081 bytes)  Frank Dorian (L) was showing off the translating gear he recently made to enable him to cut metric threads on one of his lathes.  Sorry but I didn't think to take a pic of the gear.

PICT0198.JPG (100782 bytes)  Ed Rogers (L) and Norm Jones chat before the meeting started.

PICT0199.JPG (61770 bytes)  A couple of really nicely done wooden gear mechanisms.

PICT0200.JPG (112839 bytes)  *(), (), and Ed Rogers

PICT0202.JPG (103561 bytes)  Bob Bober talks to the group about his son's fire disaster.  Information from the current Gazette is copied below

Tools needed

My son is a full time farmer in the western part of the state. On March 20th, one of his barns

burned to the ground. The barn contained all of his tools. The fire also burned a truck he was

working on including the good and bad engines If anyone has any excess tools or knows

someone who has retired from the hobby or DIY scene, this hardworking farmer would

appreciate the donations. He needs everything: sockets, wrenches, hammers, table saw, drill

press, grinder, welder, acetylene torch, etc. You guys know what it takes to keep farm

machinery running. He also needs a 6' and 10' roll up doors.

All items will be greatly appreciated.


Bob Bober 508-872-4165

PICT0203.JPG (106484 bytes)  Treasurer Dick Koolish talks about our groups status with the state of Massachusetts and the IRS.  Where we are presently and what direction we need to go.  sounds complicated and I am glad that it is Dick doing it instead of me!

PICT0197.JPG (65053 bytes)   Our main speaker of the evening was Bob Edwards.  Along with Alan Earls they told us about Sixty Years of Raytheon history.  Bob joined Raytheon in 1946 after serving in the Army and Navy in WWII.  He retired in 1990 after 46 years with the company.  He and Alan became interested in the history of Raytheon and have published a book about the company's history.  The talk was very interesting.  I must apologize for not having a photo that includes Alan.  Just because one has a fancy new camera that doesn't preclude taking a few really awful pictures with it.  I wouldn't want to be accused of being the craftsman who blames the tool!

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