September 2005 Meeting

Just a few photos this month.  Perhaps more will come in and I will of course add them.

P9010003.JPG (260522 bytes)  The big event of the month is the addition of some new audio visual equipment to the NEMES arsenal of equipment.  A new digital projector, a camera and DVD player are now available to enhance our speakers presentations.

P9010004.JPG (213273 bytes)  Our esteemed leader, Norm Jones

P9010005.JPG (247287 bytes)  On the table is Rollie Gaucher's face plate for one of his lathes.  Rollie discussed his method of balancing face plate and four jaw chuck work on his balancing fixture before placing the work on the lathe spindle.

P9010006.JPG (205747 bytes)  On the screen behind Rollie is the projection of the face plate under the camera lens.  This new equipment is going to really improve our talks I am sure.

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