October 2005 NEMES Meeting

Charles River Museum of Industry

Waltham MA

The October meeting was especially well attended since word had spread that Ron Ginger would be giving a talk about his great boating adventure this past summer.  A 2100 mile journey from Ottawa Canada to his home in Boothbay Harbor Maine.  For much more information about the trip please see Ron's web pages at http://plsntcov.8m.com/  

Group_1.JPG (372743 bytes)  Group_2.JPG (380901 bytes)  We have been meeting, since our inception, at the Charles River Museum in Waltham MA.  Our first few meetings were in a corner of the downstairs part of the museum but we quickly out grew that space and have been using this hall since then.  This is also the hall where our annual show takes place in February of each year.  We have had a wonderful relationship with the museum since the start and are lucky to have such and appropriate location to hold our meetings

.Speaker_1.JPG (248558 bytes)  At the start of each meeting after words of wisdom by our esteemed leader Norm Jones the floor is opened for a "show and tell:" session.  This gentleman, sorry I don't know his name - as opposed to my usual can't remember his name, passed on information about a home machine shop that is for sale.

Ron_1.jpg (187411 bytes)  Ron_2.JPG (240425 bytes)  Then it was Ron's turn to regal the group with his tale of high seas adventure.  Well, it was more canals, locks, rivers, honking big lakes and then high seas but it definitely interesting. 

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