June 2005 NEMES Meeting

Unfortunately the scheduled speaker for this meeting had to cancel at the last minute so, after tending to election of new officers, we had a sort of extended show and tell.  Fortunately there is enough knowledge in our group that a spontaneous program like this is still very entertaining.

P6020020.JPG (32214 bytes)  This demonstration of stroboscopic effect was quite riveting

P6020021.JPG (76039 bytes)  Ah yes.  A group of the "usual suspects" shown here chatting before things got going.

P6020022.JPG (63277 bytes) This was one of those mystery "what the heck is it" objects

P6020023.JPG (45355 bytes)  A very nicely made ball turning accessory

P6020024.JPG (42041 bytes)  P6020025.JPG (45477 bytes)     A set of locomotive plans were being shown off along with a few of the early parts of construction

P6020026.JPG (35571 bytes)  P6020027.JPG (28983 bytes)Some beautiful examples of decorative turning

P6020028.JPG (53014 bytes)  P6020029.JPG (60206 bytes)  NEMES is nothing if not diverse.  This robot in progress is a fine example of that

P6020030.JPG (83295 bytes)  This is the gentleman who makes the beautiful ornamental turnings

 P6020031.JPG (46883 bytes)

 P6020032.JPG (79630 bytes)   Dick Boucher

 P6020033.JPG (74748 bytes)  Walt Winship spoke about steam automobiles.