July 2005 Meeting

Keeping with our tradition our July meeting is an open poster session.  Although almost no one actually uses a "poster" the name has stuck.

P7070013.JPG (183664 bytes)  This casting set was bought at NAMES 2005 and has not been started yet - Errol Groff

P7070014.JPG (196418 bytes)  A very neat, and VERY simple electric motor - Bob Niedorff  more info at http://fly.hiwaay.net/~palmer/motor.html 

P7070015.JPG (211763 bytes)  Ball bearing clock - Bill Brackett

P7070016.JPG (223609 bytes) Nice little I.C. engine

P7070017.JPG (217870 bytes)   P7070019.JPG (318984 bytes) One of our members makes these beautiful gun actions

P7070020.JPG (153285 bytes)  This rendition of an ancient Greek fountain mechanism was brought in

P7070021.JPG (149743 bytes) Sorry.  I don't have a hint of even a suspicion what the heck this is.

P7070022.JPG (220491 bytes)  A couple of nice boring heads

P7070023.JPG (261740 bytes)  A digital read out in the works

P7070024.JPG (208168 bytes)  This is part of a money (dollar bill) counting machine

P7070025.JPG (172412 bytes)  Henry Szostek brought this half hull model of a new rowing boat design